TeleVu 2000 Feature

1. On-line visual communication between sites using standard dial-up phone, cellular, satellite, LAN or WAN.

2. Supports interactive remote communication (image, voice and data) on the same phone line.

3. Supports images scanned from scanner or color images captured from video camera, VCR, etc.

4. View shared images with easy one-click synchronization.

5. Multiple image formats supported: BMP, PCX, TIFF, JPEG, WMF, AutoCad DXF, etc.

6. Matches image color automatically with the VGA display to achieve true color video image.

7. Personal communication allows remote BBS access, remote host login, file download, etc.

8. Remote access drives in the connected machine, a file can be downloaded or uploaded, and its original program can be started automatically.

9. Side-by-side image viewing and synchronization capability is ideal for comparative analysis.

10. Collaborative whiteboard with editing capability.

11. Allows one user control, so remote intervention is not required.

12. Password protection to ensure system security.

13. E-mail enabled for cc:Mail, MS-Mail, Novell MHS, Lotus Notes, etc

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