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Item NumberDescriptionHCPCSUnitMSRP
A-005W5” Walker Wheels with Glide Cap KitsE01551 pair of wheels/ 1 pair of glide caps$18.00
A-3010Walker Glide Attachment Pair$19.00
A-51010830300Universal Walker Tray  Call
A-5201247-19Vinyl Cushion Toilet Seat EachCall
A-52115601912Suction Cup Grab Bar, 12" Each$39.99
A-52115601916Suction Cup Grab Bar, 16" Each$49.00
A-52115601924Suction Cup Grab Bar, 24" Each$59.99
A-78300Dressing and Reaching KitA4649Set$75.00
ABB11020Presto Breathable Brief, Medium (32”-44”), White 90 Count/PackageCall
ABB11040Presto Breathable Brief, Large (45” - 58”), Blue 72 Count/PackageCall
ABB11050Presto Breathable Brief, X-Large (58”-66”), Beige Presto Breathable BriefCall
ABB21060Presto Plus Breathable Brief, XX-Large (63”-69”), Light Green 48 Count/ PackageCall
ABB41070Presto Plus Breathable Brief, XXX-Large (78”-95”), Beige 32 Count/ PackageCall
ABP10020Presto Comfort Poly Brief, Medium (32”-44”), White 96 Count/PackageCall
ABP10040Presto Comfort Poly Brief, Large ( 45”-58”), Blue 72 Count/PackageCall
ABP10050Presto Comfort Poly Brief, X-Large (58”-64”), Beige 60 Count/PackageCall
A-CA20003RThree-Leg Cane Tip EachCall
A-CA2000BK-6Straight Canes, Wt. Limit 250 lbs 6/Case$19.00
A-CA2000GR-6Straight Canes, Wt Limit 250 lbs 6/Case$19.00
A-CA2004Folding Cane for Visually Impaired EachCall
A-CA2010BKAdjustable Folding Cane  $22.00
A-CA2058Cane, solid brass, PVC handcrip, 400lbs Wt. limit Each$19.00
A-CA3500BKAdj. Cane,Blk 350 lbs Wt. limit, Ht. 31" - 40" Each$19.00
A-CA4000GRHeavy Duty Cane, Weight limit 420 lbs Each$39.00
ACR1191Multiple Function Organizer with 9 compartments Each$19.95
A-CR3745-YCrutches, YouthE01102 Pieces/Case$47.00
A-CR4452-ACrutches, AdultE01102 Pieces/Case$47.00
A-CR5260-TCrutches, TallE01102 Pieces/Case$49.00
A-DI10880010Exercise Traction Pulley EachCall
AED-300PHeartSine Samaritan® PAD 300PE0617EachCall
A-FC2332-YForearm Crutches, YouthE01102 Pieces/Case$67.00
A-FC2938-AForearm Crutches, AdultE01102 Pieces/Case$67.00
A-FC3241-TForearm Crutches, TallE01102 Pieces/Case$69.00
A-GNA-WGrip-n-Assist-Belt Each$89.95
A-K80315Gait Belt, 48" Each$29.00
A-K80317Gait Belt, 60" Each$39.00
A-K80318Gait Belt, 72" Each$49.00
AKN401BKKnee Walker with 1- 14"x6" pad, Wt limit 300 lbsE0118Each$545.00
AKN401SEATSeat for AKN401BK Knee Walker, 14" X 6"  Call
AKN402BKKnee Walker with 2 - 6"x6" pads, Wt limit 300lbsE0118Each$545.00
AKN402SEATSeat for AKN402BK Knee Walker, 6" X 6"  Call
AKN411ARKnee Scooter, one seat, steel burgundy, w/basket, 300 lbs Wt. limitE0118Each$545.00
AKN411BKKnee Scooter, one seat, steel black, w/basket, 300 lbs Wt. limitE0118Each$545.00
AKN4AXLEWheel Axle  Call
AKN4BKTBasket  Call
AKN4BRKBrake System  Call
AKN4HBKCHand Brake & Cable  Call
AKN4HGRPHand Grip  Call
AKN4SPSTHand Grip  Call
AKN4SRLRelease Level  Call
AKN4SSCRStar Screw  Call
AKN4WHL8Wheel (8”)  Call
A-N0222Foam Arm Pad for Crutches PairCall
A-N0223Foam Hand Grip for Crutches PairCall
APCI34030Reusable Underpads, 30"x36" 24 Count/ PackageCall
APCI34034Reusable Underpads, 34"x36" 24 Count/ PackageCall
APCI43120Bladder Control Pads, 4”x9.5” Regular 198 Count/ PackageCall
APCI43140Bladder Control Pads, 4”x11” Plus 180 Count/ PackageCall
A-QC4011LB-4Quad Canes, Wt limit 250 lbsE01054/Case$42.00
A-QC4011SB-4Quad Canes, Wt limit 250 lbsE01054/Case$38.00
A-QC4500HDQuad Cane, Wt limit 450 lbsE0105Each$75.00
AR-3000-2Rollator - 3 Wheel, Red, Weight limit 250 lbsE01432 Set/Case$199.00
AR-3000BAGBag for 3 Wheel Rollators, 12½”x11”x14¼”  Call
AR-3000BASKBasket for 3 Wheel Rollators, 9½”x9½”x(3½”-10¼”)  Call
AR-3000LBK-LHandle & Loop Brake ASM with Cable for 3 Wheeler, Left Each$29.00
AR-3000LBK-RHandle & Loop Brake ASM with Cable for 3 Wheeler, Right Each$29.00
AR-3000TRAYTray for 3 Wheel Rollators, 11”x10”x3/4”  Call
AR-4038AREuro Style Rollator, Burgundy EachCall
AR-4100BD/BLRollator - Ultra Light Weight Hemi, Weight limit 220 lbsE0143 + E0156Each$299.00
AR-4200HANDLE7/8”(diameter) Handle Bar Each$10.00
AR-4600-1106Plastic Seat Clamp 5/8”(W) x15/16”(H) Each$2.99
AR-4600-1107Plastic Seat Clamp 7/8”(W) x 1”(H) Each$2.99
AR-4600AAR/ABLRollator - Light Weight, Weight limit 220 lbsE0143 + E0156Each$299.00
AR-4600BAGBag for Standard 4 Wheel Rollators, 14”x7¾”x6”  Call
AR-4601BASK14”x9”x5½” with Attachment  Call
AR-4601BK-LLoop Brake & Cable for 4601, Left Each$25.00
AR-4601BK-RLoop Brake & Cable for 4601, Right Each$25.00
AR-4601CBLT-Shape Head Cable 51¼” Long Each$15.00
AR-4601HDF-LGrip for Rollator, Left Each$2.99
AR-4601HDF-RGrip for Rollator, Right Each$2.99
AR-4601SEATPadded Seat for Standard Rollator, 12¼” x 14” x 1” Each$24.00
AR-4601WHL66”x 1” Caster with Bearing Each$16.00
AR-4606AR/BL6" Wheels, Weight limit 250 lbsE0143 + E0156Each$249.00
AR-4606BASK14”x8”x6” with Attachment & Handle  Call
AR-4606CBLBall Head Cable 43” Long Each$15.00
AR-4606FORKFork for Standard Rollator Each$25.00
AR-4606KNOBHeight Adjustable Knob/Bolt Each$4.95
AR-4606LBK-L11” Handle & Loop Brake ASM with Cable for 4606, Left Each$29.00
AR-4606LBK-R11” Handle & Loop Brake ASM with Cable for 4606, Right Each$29.00
AR-4606SEATPadded Seat for Standard Rollator, 12” x 12” x 1½” Each$24.00
AR-4606WHL66”x 1” Caster with Bearing Each$16.00
AR-4608AR/BLRollator - Traditional with Tray, Weight limit 280 lbsE0143 + E0156Each$249.00
AR-4608BASK16”x12”x7” with Handle  Call
AR-4608-LKLEVERHeight Adjustable Lever Each$4.95
AR-4608TRAYTray for Traditional 4 Wheel Rollators, 15½”x10 &#8543;8”x7/8”  Call
AR-4609AR/BL8" Wheels, Weight limit 300 lbsE0143 + E0156Each$249.00
AR-4609WHL88” x 1 1/2” PU Tire with 608Z Bearing Flanged Each$29.00
AR-46400BASK20”x9”x5½” with Attachment  Call
AR-46400WHL88” x 11/2” PU Tire with 608Z Bearing Flanged Each$29.00
AR-46401BAGBag for Standard 4 Wheel Rollators, 14”x7¾”x6”  Call
AR-46401LBK-LEtched Handle & Loop Brake ASM with Cable for 46401, 4608, Left Each$34.00
AR-46401LBK-REtched Handle & Loop Brake ASM with Cable for 46401, 4608, Right Each$34.00
AR-46401SEATSeat for Heavy Duty Rollators, 23”x11”x1¼” Each$29.00
AR-46402BASK20 &#8540;”x9”x5½” with Attachment & Handle  Call
AR-46402FORKFork for Wide Rollator Each$30.00
AR-46402FWHL88”x 1 5/8” Solid Caster with 608Z Bearing, Flanged, Small, Front Each$29.00
AR-46402LBK-L16” Handle & Loop Brake ASM with Cable for 46402, Left Each$34.00
AR-46402LBK-R16” Handle & Loop Brake ASM with Cable for 46402, Right Each$34.00
AR-46402RWHL88”x 1 5/8” Solid Caster with 608Z Bearing, Flanged, Rear Each$29.00
AR-46402SEATSeat for Heavy Duty Rollators, 18¼”x13½”x 1¾” Each$29.00
AR-46403ARExtra Heavy Duty Steel Rollator, Burgundy, Weight limit 400 lbs Each$350.00
AR-5000BASK20”x8¼”x5” with Attachment & Handle & Button Notch  Call
AR-5000FORKChrome Plated Fork for AR-5000 Each$30.00
AR-5000LBK-L10” Handle & Loop Brake ASM with Cable, Stopper for AR-5000, Left Each$38.00
AR-5000LBK-R10” Handle & Loop Brake ASM with Cable, Stopper for AR-5000, Right Each$38.00
AR-5000SEATSeat for Heavy Duty Rollators, 18”x14”x 1¾” Each$29.00
AR-5000WHL88”x 2” PU (200 x 80) with 608Z Bearing Flanged Each$29.00
AR-C8801Forearm Rollator Each$499.00
A-REACH26Aluminium Reacher, 25"A4649Each$29.00
A-REACH31-6Aluminium Reacher with Magnetic Tip, 30"A46496 Pieces/Case$29.00
A-REACH32Aluminium Reacher, 31"A4649Each$29.00
ASP-610-1Suction Canister 800cc EachCall
ASP-6136’ Tubing Male-Female EachCall
ASP800Stat. Aspirator without CanisterE0600Each$259.00
ASP-AG61547316’ Patient Tubing EachCall
ASP-AG6157256’ Patient Tubing EachCall
ASP-AG6157304” Tubing Connection 6/PackCall
ASP-AG-Q32001Yankauer Suction Catheter EachCall
ASP-MSUF-01Final Bacteria Filter EachCall
ASP-SSRES021Swivel Elbow Connecter with Suction Port 10/PackCall
ASP-SSRES022Swivel Elbow Connecter 10/PackCall
ASP-SSRES026Suction Kit - Canister, Tubing, Filter EachCall
ASP-T12-17” x 0.312” Tubing EachCall
A-TIP001-2Replacement Tips for Quad Canes 2/ BagCall
A-TIP002LReplacement Tips for Large Quad Cane 2/BagCall
A-TIP002SReplacement Tips for Small Quad Cane 2/BagCall
A-TIP004-2Walker Replacement Tips, 2/Bag 2/BagCall
A-TIP004-4Walker Replacement Tips, 4/ Bag 4/BagCall
AUB01020Pull Up, Medium. 4/20, 80 pcs/case 80 count/PackageCall
AUB01040Pull Up, Large, 4/18, 72 pcs/case 72 count/PackageCall
AUB01050Pull Up, X-Large, 4/14, 56 pcs/case 56 count/PackageCall
AUB23020Protective Underwear, Medium (32”-44”), White 80 Count/PackageCall
AUB23040Protective Underwear, Large (44”-58”), White 72 Count/ PackageCall
AUB23060Protective Underwear, XX-Large (68”-80”), White 48 Count/ PackageCall
AUB31020Med Heavy Belly Band 4/20, 80/case 80 Count/ PackageCall
AUB31040Large Heavy Belly Band 4/16, 64/case 64 Count/ PackageCall
AUP12045Disposable Protective Underpads, 23”x36”, Blue, Light Absorbency 120 Count/ PackageCall
AUP12050Disposable Fluff-Filled Underpad,23"x36"-50G,120 Per Case 120 Per CaseCall
AUP12090Disposable Fluff-Filled Underpad, Nonwoven,30"x36",100 PCS/CS 100 PCS/CSCall
A-W500BWBariatric Walker with WheelsE0149 $269.00
A-WA0300GREYWalker Balls, Grey 1 Pair/Box$9.50
A-WA0300REDWalker Balls, Red 1 Pair/Box$9.50
A-WA1200BRGait-Walker, Bronze, W22", D26", 15" - 19", Wt Limit 220 lbs Each$280.00
A-WA2200GNGait-Walker, Green, W24", D29", 19" - 25", Wt Limit 220 lbs Each$300.00
A-WA3200BLGait-Walker, Blue, W26", D32", 24" - 32", Wt Limit 220 lbs Each$330.00
A-WA4500W-2Heavy Duty Walker with WheelsE01492 Sets/Case$199.00
A-WA6106-1Two-Button Folding WalkerE01351/Case$95.00
A-WA6106BAGUniversal Walker PouchE1399 $29.00
A-WA6106W300-4Two-Button Folding Walker with WheelsE01434 Sets/Case$126.00
A-WA6107W-2Two-Button Folding Youth Walker with WheelsE01432/Case$95.00
A-WA8270Moving Walker Each$399.00
A-WABASK-2Walker BasketE13992 Sets/Case$29.00
AWP100Unscented Adult Wipes, 7.9”x12” 12 Package/CaseCall
A-WPA6401-2Walker Platform AttachmentE01542 Sets/Case$108.00
B200-T40191Single Caster 3" without Brake Each$29.00
B210-HBEDGECOVERBed Edgecover for head board, 35 5/8;" x 15 5/8" Each$25.00
B210-JBOXTwo motor plugs are square, 4 pins Package$299.00
B210-MOTFFoot motor, For B2000, B3000 Each$209.00
B210-MOTHHead motor, For B2000, B3000 Each$209.00
B210-PEND4CClamp-on connector 4 function, 9 pin female Each$95.00
B210-T308Drive Shaft, Fits BED2100/B3000 Each$59.00
B210-T4012HWood grain for Head board 35½”x15¼” Each$27.00
B210-T4012PPlastic panel for Head/Foot board 35½”x13” Each$27.00
B210-T4013FWood grain for Foot board 35½”x13” Each$25.00
B210-T40181Double Nylon Caster with Brake Each$29.00
B210-T40191Double Nylon Caster without Brake Each$29.00
B210-T408Gear Case, T-Shape for Head Board Each$49.00
B210-T409Gear Case, T-Shape with Handle for Foot Board Each$59.00
B210-T4HBPPlastic panel for Head board 35½”x15¼” Each$29.00
B220-T409Gear case, with handle for Foot Board, Low-Bed Each$59.00
B3000Homecare Bed BED3000, 36" Full electric, Wt capacity 400 lbs.E0297, E0265-PKGPackage$2,080.00
B3000-FBPFoot Bedend assembly with plastic panel, fits B3000 Each$169.00
B3000FSFoot Section Frame, fits B3000 Full Electric Each$384.00
B3000HSHead Section Frame, fits B3000 Full Electric Each$389.00
B310-JBCORDPower Cord for Hospital Bed J-Box Each$32.00
B310-MOT3Hi-Lo motor, For B2000, B3000 Each$209.00
B310-PEND6Screw-on connector 6 functions, 9 pin female Each$119.00
B310-PEND6CClamp-on connector 6 functions, 9 pin female Each$119.00
B310-T409Gear Case, T-Shape with Handle for Foot Board, Full Bed Each$59.00
B320-MOTMHi-Lo motor, For BEDL3200 Each$209.00
B410-ACTWIREActuator Shift Wire F9X2100L Each$29.00
B410-CST4 7/8" Caster with 3/8" Stem without Brake, Small Stem, Old Style Each$49.00
B410-CST-14 7/8" Caster with 3/8" Stem without Brake, Large Stem Each$49.00
B410-CSTWBK-14 7/8" Caster with 7/8" stem with Brake Each$49.00
B410-EC013Bed Edgecover for foot/head board, 41¾”x13” Each$34.00
B410-EC015Bed Edgecover for foot/head board, 41¾”x15¼” Each$37.00
B410-FBPFoot Bedend assembly with plastic panel, fits B-T4000 Each$359.00
B410-HBPHead Bedend assembly with plastic panel, fits B-T4000 Each$349.00
B410-MOTHi-Lo motor, For B-T4000 Each$349.00
B410-MOTFFoot motor, For B-T4000 Each$349.00
B410-MOTHHead motor, For B-T4000 Each$349.00
B410-T308Drive Shaft, Fits B-T4000 Each$79.00
B410-T4012HWood grain for Head board 42”x15¼” Each$39.00
B410-T4012PPlastic panel for Head/Foot board 42”x13” Each$29.00
B410-T4013FWood grain for Foot board 42”x13” Each$34.00
B510-JBOX(Heavy Duty) Four motor plugs are square Package$399.00
B510-MOTHi-Lo motor, For B-T5048 Each$399.00
B510-MOTFFoot motor, For B-T5048 Each$399.00
B510-MOTHHead motor, For B-T5048 Each$399.00
B510-T5012HBed Edgecover for foot/head board, 47¾”x13” Each$44.00
B-9007Homecare Bariatric Bed, Height 18.5” - 26,” Dimensions 54”(W)x88”(L), Wt Limit 850 lbsE0302, E0304-PKGPackage$8,169.00
BA-10120Bed Sensor Pad 10” x 30” EachCall
BA-1014120 X 30 Floor Sensor Pad, 6 Months Warranty EachCall
BA-10220Basic Bed Alarm Monitor EachCall
BA-10260BAdvanced Bed Alarm Monitor with Reset EachCall
BAGBED030-200Bed Bags, 72” x 52,” 1mil 200/RollCall
BAGCON369-250Oxygen Concentrator Bags, 22” x 12” x 26,” 1.5mil 250/RollCall
BAGME101-500Small Equipment Bags, 20” x 24” 500/RollCall
BAGME105-500Medium Equipment Bags, 24” x 30” 500/RollCall
BAT-120512V, 5AH Battery, 3 7/8" x 2 15/16" x 3 15/16", Wt 4 lbs Each$95.00
BAT-121212V, 12AH Battery, 5 15/16" x 3 7/18" x 3 5/8", Wt 9 lbsK0733Each$99.00
BAT-122212V, 22AH Battery, 7 1/16" x 2 15/16" x 6 ½", Wt 15 lbsK0733Each$125.00
BAT-125012V, 50AH Battery, 8 1/16" x 6 15/32" x 6 31/32", Wt 31 lbsE2361Each$245.00
BAT-22NF12V, 55AH Battery, 8 3/4" x 5 5/16" x 8 1/8", Wt 38 lbsE2361Each$265.00
BAT-24NF12V, 75AH Battery, 10 1/8" x 6 9/16" x 7 15/16", Wt 56 lbsE2363Each$325.00
BAT-T100HBattery Tester Each$99.00
BAT-U13412V, 34AH Battery, 7 7/8" x 5" x 6 1/8", Wt 25 lbsE2365Each$149.00
BED2100Homecare Bed Lightweight BED2100, Semi-electric, Wt capacity 400 lbs.E0295, E0260-PKGPackage$1,818.00
BED2100-FSFoot Section Frame, fits BED2100 Semi Electric Bed Each$389.00
BED2100-HSFoot Section Frame, fits BED2100 (Semi), B3000 (Full Electric) Each$379.00
BED21-BDEDGECOVBed Edgecover for head/foot board, 35 5/8;”x 13 1/4” Each$22.00
BED21-FBPFoot Bedend assembly, fits BED2100 Each$159.00
BED21-HBPHead Bedend assembly with plastic panel, fits BED2100, B3000 Each$159.00
BED21-MOT21Okin motor, 3 1/8”x5 5/8” Lid - Side slide in, For BED2100 Each$395.00
BED21-MOT22Dewert motor, 2¼”x5 3/8” Lid - End slide in, For BEDL2200 Each$395.00
BED21-MOT22COVDewert motor lid, 2¼”x5 3/8” Lid - End slide in Each$12.00
BED21-MOT23Maruni motor, 2¼”x4 5/8” Lid - End slide in, For BED2100BMZJ Each$365.00
BED21-MOT23COVMaruni motor, 2¼”x4 5/8” Lid - End slide in Each$12.00
BED21-MOTRCOVOkin motor lid, 3 1/8”x5 5/8” Lid - Side slide in Each$12.00
BED21-PEND6XY5 pin male round connector Each$99.00
BED21-PENDOKI5 pin male round connector Each$99.00
BED21-PENDWT5 pin male round connector Each$99.00
BED21-T409Gear case, with handle for Foot Board, Semi-Bed Each$59.00
BED-B337Instant Wide Low BedN/ABed onlyCall
BED-B357Bariatric width Convertible Low Bed N/ABed onlyCall
BED-B359Heavy Duty Bariatric width Convertible Low BedN/ABed onlyCall
BEDL3200Homecare Low Bed BEDL3200, Dimensions 35"W x 88"L, Wt Capacity 400 lbsN/ABed only$2,195.00
BEDL3500-FBPFoot Bedend assembly with plastic panel, fits BEDL3500 Each$199.00
BEDL3500-HBPHead Bedend assembly with plastic panel, fits BEDL3500 Each$199.00
BED-MOTLATSCWHolding Screw for Bed Motor Each$9.00
BED-PLUGCaster Holder with 3/8" hole Each$12.00
BED-PLUG-2Caster Holder with 3/8" hole Each$12.00
B-FLORMATSafety Floor Mats Each$162.00
B-K400P-2Bed Side Stand Assist, 11”W x 11.5”L x 37”H 2 Sets/Package$97.00
B-M100PBed Rail, Half Size, with Cross BraceE0305Set$140.00
B-M100UBed Rail, Half Size, Hammertone, Universal ClampE0305Set$140.00
B-MATT-3680FBPolyester Fiber Core Mattress, 80" x 36" E0271Each$275.00
B-MATT-3680INSPInner Spring Mattress, 80” x 36”E0271Each$275.00
B-MATT-3684Inner Spring Mattress, 84” x 36”E0271Each$325.00
B-MATT-4280HBariatric Solid Foam Core Mattress, 80” x 42” E0272Each$549.00
B-MATT-4880HCORE55 Bariatric Mattress, 80” x 48” E0272Each$749.00
B-MATT-5480HCORE55 Bariatric Mattress, 80” x 54”E0272Each$949.00
B-MATT-90001Gel Overlay Mattress, 34" x 78" x 3"E0185EachCall
B-MATT-90002Bariatric Gel Overlay, 42" x 78" x 3"E0185EachCall
B-MATT-90003Bariatric Gel Overlay, 48" x 78" x 3"E0185Each795
B-MATT-90004Bariatric Gel Overlay Mattress, 54" x 78" x 3"E0185EachCall
B-MATTCOV42-1Zippered Vinyl Mattress Cover, 42” x 80” x 7” Each$17.00
B-MATTCOVER-12Zippered Vinyl Mattress Cover, 36” x 80” x 7” 12 Pieces/Case$9.00
B-MATTGEL3671Overlay Mattress Gel, 70” x 34” x 3”E0185Each$345.00
B-MATTGEL42Overlay Mattress Gel, 70” x 42” x 4”E0185Each$595.00
B-MATTGEL48Overlay Mattress Gel, 70” x 48” x 4”E0185Each$795.00
B-MATTGEL54Overlay Mattress Gel, 70” x 54” x 4”E0185Each$895.00
B-P558-C0Home Style Bed Rail Set$159.00
BPM-DI2002ABlood Pressure Monitor, Arm, Medium CuffA4670Each$79.00
BPM-DI2002A-C1Blood Pressure Monitor, Cuff for BPM-DI2002A Each$39.00
BPM-DI2002A-C2Blood Pressure Monitor, Cuff for BPM-DI2002A-L Each$45.00
BPM-DI2003RBlood Pressure Monitor, WristA4460Each$69.00
BPM-DI2023RBlood Pressure Monitor, WristA4460Each$69.00
BPM-SDI1986AArm, Medium Cuff w/BacklightA4670Each$79.00
B-RAIL400MBed Rail, Half Size For Heavy Duty BedE0305Set$175.00
B-RAIL5048MBed Rail, Half Size for 48” BedE0310Set$225.00
B-RAILPAD3614Half Bed Rail Pad, 14" x 36" Pair 
B-RAILPAD72Side Rail Bumper Pad, 14” x 72” x 1.5” Each$111.00
BS-30251-2Raised Toilet Seat without Arms 2/Case$54.00
BS-330Plastic Bath Board 1 set/case$69.00
B-S406P-2Bed Side Rail, 21”W x 31”-38”H x 47”D 2/Case$84.00
BS-5000-2Shower Bench without back, Round seat 2/Case$38.00
BS-5002-2Shower Bench without back, Curved Rectangular seat 2/Case$46.00
BS-5004-2Shower Bench with backrest, toolless 2/Case$56.00
BS-5013A-2Shower Bench w/Back & Arm, 250 lbs Wt. Limit 2/case$75.00
BS-B671-C0Universal Composite Bath Seat Set$75.00
BS-H101-1Plastic Bathtub Safety RailE1399Each$49.00
BS-H102-1P.E. Coated Bathtub Safety Rail Each$47.00
BS-H212-1Textured Wall Grab Bar, 12"E0241Each$20.00
BS-H216-1Textured Wall Grab Bar, 16"E0241Each$21.00
BS-H218-1Textured Wall Grab Bar, 18"E0241Each$22.00
BS-H218PW18" Powder Coating Grab Bar, one eachE0241Each$20.00
BS-H224-1Textured Wall Grab Bar, 24"E0241Each$24.00
BS-H232-1Textured Wall Grab Bar, 32"E0241Each$28.00
BS-M15AClip on toilet seat & lid, Inner clip-on gap: 4¾” Set$24.00
BS-M15BClip on toilet seat & lid, Inner clip-on gap: 8" Set$24.00
BS-M1612 Gallon Pail with Lid Set$12.00
BS-M16ASplash Guard Set$12.00
BS-M17Pail with Lid 14"(L) x 10" (W) x 6" (D) Set$35.00
BS-P704-1Bed Pan EachCall
BS-P706-1Urinal, Female EachCall
BS-P707-1Urinal, Male EachCall
BS-SCM250WShower Commode ChairE0164Each$225.00
BS-SH910Hand Held ShowerE0241/Case$45.00
BS-SHC931MRehab Shower Commode Chair Each$1,099.00
BS-TSRAIL-2Toilet Safety FrameE02342 Sets$70.00
B-T3015CNon-tilt Overbed Table, 31.5”x15” Table TopE0274Each$149.00
B-T3036TTilt Overbed Table, 31.5”x15” Table TopE0274Each$199.00
B-T3202Tilt Overbed Table, 35”x15” Table TopE0274Each$212.00
B-T4000Homecare Bariatric Bed, Height 16” - 24.5," Dimensions 42”(W)x88”(L), Wt Limit 600 lbsE0301, E0303-PKGPackage$4,645.00
B-T5048Homecare Bariatric Bed, Height 18.5” - 26,” Dimensions 48”(W)x88”(L), Wt Limit 750 lbsE0302, E0304-PKGPackage$6,969.00
B-T910SBed Transporter Each$199.00
B-TC2Motor plugs are 6 pins Package$299.00
BTH-HDWBHeavy Duty Shower Chair w/Back, 2 set/case, 500 Wt. LimitE0245EachCall
B-TP100BTrapeze Bar Base ONLYE0940Each$225.00
B-TP100UTrapeze Bar Upper Part ONLYE0910Each$225.00
B-TP6000Bariatric Trapeze w/stand, Wt. Limit 600 lbsE0912Each$2499.00
BW-3825Bed Wedges (Cloth Cover), 26” x 24” x 7.5”E0199Each$54.00
BW-3826Bed Wedges (Cloth Cover), 26” x 24” x 10”E0199Each$63.00
BW-3827Bed Wedges (Cloth Cover), 26” x 24” x 12”E0199Each$72.00
CA225325-18Solid Seat Insert, 17”x16”, Universal fitE0992Each$109.00
CA-40300Anti-Abduction Knee Spreader EachCall
COM-300-43-in-1 All Purpose CommodeE01634/Case$125.00
COM-400HD-2 Heavy Duty Steel Commode, Wt limit 400 lbs (2 sets each)E0168Each$179.00
COM-B709-00Commode Liners 24 Units/CaseCall
COM-DA1000-1Extra Large Bariatric Drop-Arm Commode, Wt limit 1000 lbsE0168Each$495.00
COM-DA300-2Drop-Arm Steel CommodeE01652/Case$125.00
COM-DA400-2Extra Wide Drop Arm Steel Commode, 3-in-1, 400 Wt. Limit 2/case$165.00
COM-DA850-1Bariatric Drop-Arm Commode, 850 lbs weight limitE0168Each$359.00
COV-GKH20Good Night Heated Humidifier EachCall
CP-TMR358LPride liftchair with single-switch hand control, Wt limit 375 lbsE0627Each$1,070.00
CP-TMR358MPride liftchair with single-switch hand control, Wt limit 375 lbsE0627Each$1,020.00
D12010USBGlucoFirst USB Cable Each$19.00
D-LANDGlucoFirst Lancing Device UniversalA4258Each$24.00
D-NDC983202-0001GlucoFirst Lancet - 30GA4259100/ Box$14.00
DS-KM0628-(5.0-15.0)Thousand Miles Insert 1 Pair/PackCall
ENS-U5TThe Ultima 5 TENS EachCall
EX101-4Pedal Exerciser 4/Case$54.00
EX201-4Pedal Exerciser with Digital Display 4/Case$64.00
I-9403EI.V. Stand, 2 Hooks w/4" WheelsE0776Each$49.00
I-9405SSteel I.V. Stand w/5 Steel Prong Base, 2 Hooks w/2" CastersE0776Each$65.00
I-V310WCI.V. Rod Attachment, Universal fitK0105Each$139.00
K01DK16F15eChair - 16" Detachable Arm with Foot Rests, Wt Limit 250 lbsK0001Each$385.00
K01DK16L15eChair - 16" Detachable Arm with Leg Rests, Wt Limit 250 lbsK0001Each$485.00
K01DK18F15eChair - 18" Detachable Arm with Foot Rests, Wt Limit 250 lbsK0001Each$385.00
K01DK18L15eChair - 18" Detachable Arm with Leg Rests, Wt Limit 250 lbsK0001Each$485.00
K01FX18F15eChair - 18" Fixed Arm with Detachable Foot RestK0001Each$325.00
K01FX18L15eChair - 18 " Fixed Arm with Detachable Leg RestK0001Each$425.00
K07DK20F0220" Chair Wide Deluxe with detachable foot rests, Wt Limit 310 lbsK0007Each$595.00
K07DK20L0220" Chair Wide Deluxe with detachable leg rests, Wt Limit 310 lbsK0007Each$695.00
K07DK22F0222" Chair Wide Deluxe with detachable foot rests, Wt Limit 350 lbsK0007Each$725.00
K07DK22L0222" Chair Wide Deluxe with detachable leg rests, Wt Limit 350 lbsK0007Each$825.00
K07DK24F0224" Chair Wide Deluxe with detachable foot rests, Wt Limit 400 lbsK0007Each$925.00
K07DK24L0224" Chair Wide Deluxe with detachable leg rests, Wt Limit 400 lbsK0007Each$1,025.00
K07DK26LSPW26" eChair - Bariatric, Wt Limit 500 lbsK0007Each$1,395.00
K07DK28LSPW28" eChair - Bariatric, Wt Limit 550 lbsK0007Each$1,595.00
K07DK28RTL28" eChair - Deluxe Bariatric, Wt Limit 650 lbsK0007Each$2,495.00
K07DK30LSPW30" eChair - Bariatric, Wt Limit 600 lbsK0007Each$1,795.00
K09DK22F02Standard Transporter Wheelchair 22" x 18" Detachable Arms, Foot Rests, Loop Brake, Wt Limit 400 lbsE1038Each$395.00
K09FX13FAircraft Boarding Chair, Wt Limit 300 lbs Each$1,995.00
K09FX17FALight Weight Transporter Wheelchair, Wt. 18 lbs, Wt. Limit 220 lbsE1038Each$345.00
K09FX19F1519" Transporter, Fixed Arm w/Foot RestE1038Each$295.00
K3DK12F/LeLite Pediatric Wheelchair 12"K0003Each$695.00/$795.00
K3DK14F/LeLite Pediatric Wheelchair 14"K0003Each$695.00/$795.00
K3DK16F/L021516" eLite, Wt Limit 250 lbsK0003Each$595.00/$645.00
K3DK18F/L021518" eLite, Wt Limit 250 lbsK0003Each$595.00/$645.00
K3DK20F/L021520" eLite, Wt Limit 250 lbsK0003Each$695.00/$745.00
K409Combo: Self Propelled Wheelchair and Transport Chair All-In-One Each$695.00
K416F02Jaguar 16" High Strength Lightweight ChairK0004Each$713.00
K416L02Jaguar 16" High Strength Lightweight ChairK0004Each$813.00
K418F02Jaguar 18" High Strength Lightweight ChairK0004Each$713.00
K418L02Jaguar 18" High Strength Lightweight ChairK0004Each$813.00
K420F02Jaguar 20" High Strength Lightweight ChairK0004Each$775.00
K420L02Jaguar 20" High Strength Lightweight ChairK0004Each$875.00
K476DK14L14" eChair Recliner - Pediatric with elevating leg rests,Wt Limt 250 lbsK0001Each$1,595.00
K477A16L1516" eChair Recliner with detachable arms/ elevating leg rests, Wt Limit 250 lbsK0001Each$895.00
K477A18L1518" eChair Recliner with detachable arms/ elevating leg rests, Wt Limit 250 lbsK0001Each$895.00
K477A20L1520" eChair Recliner with detachable arms/ elevating leg rests, Wt Limit 310 lbsK0001Each $1,095.00
K477DK22LHD22" eChair Recliner - Deluxe Wide with elevating leg rests, Wt Limit 350 lbsK0007Each$2,195.00
K477DK24LHD24" eChair Recliner - Deluxe Wide with elevating leg rests, Wt Limit 370 lbsK0007Each$2,395.00
K514Tilt-in-Space: Pediatric, Wt Limit 220 lbs Each$2,495.00
K518Rehab Tilt-in-Space - Adult, 18" Wide Wheelchair, Wt Limit 250 lbs Each$2,495.00
LC-105PRIDEPride LiftChair with single switch hand control, Wt Limit 325 lbsE0627Each895.00
LP-701-ALymphedema PumpE0651Each$995.00
LP-ARMFull Arm Sleeve for Lymphedema Pump System, MediumE0668Each$495.00
LP-LEGFull Leg Sleeve for Lymphedema Pump SystemE0667Each$495.00
ORT1845M12001LSuperior Rigid Knee Brace, Medium, LeftL1845EachCall
ORT1845M12001RSuperior Rigid Knee Brace, Medium, RightL1845EachCall
ORT1845M12002LSuperior Rigid Knee Brace, Large, LeftL1845EachCall
ORT1845M12002RSuperior Rigid Knee Brace, Large, RightL1845EachCall
ORT3908-9023LWrist/Palm Supports, LargeL3908EachCall
ORT3908-9023MWrist/Palm Supports, MediumL3908EachCall
ORT39089023XWrist/Palm Supports, XLL3908EachCall
ORT4360ROM-14LSuperior Fracture Walker Boot with Air Pouch and ROM, 14", LargeL4360EachCall
ORT4360ROM-14MSuperior Fracture Walker Boot with Air Pouch and ROM, 14", MediumL4360EachCall
ORT4360ROM-14SSuperior Fracture Walker Boot with Air Pouch and ROM, 14", SmallL4360EachCall
ORT4366ROM-17MSuperior Fracture Walker Boot with Air Pouch and ROM, 17", MediumL4360EachCall
ORT4366ROM-19LSuperior Fracture Walker Boot with Air Pouch and ROM, 19", LargeL4360EachCall
ORT4386-14LSuperior Fracture Walker Brace, 14", LargeL4386EachCall
ORT4386-14MSuperior Fracture Walker Brace, 14", MediumL4386EachCall
ORT4386-14SSuperior Fracture Walker Brace, 14", SmallL4386EachCall
ORT4386-17LSuperior Fracture Walker Brace, 17", LargeL4386EachCall
ORT4386-17MSuperior Fracture Walker Brace, 17", MediumL4386EachCall
ORT-RK150-LRapid Knee Brace - Large EachCall
ORT-RK150-MRapid Knee Brace - Medium EachCall
ORT-RK150-SRapid Knee Brace - Small EachCall
ORT-RK150-XLRapid Knee Brace - XL EachCall
ORT-RK150-XXLRapid Knee Brace - XXL EachCall
ORT-SB100-2XLLumbar Spinal Bracing System, 2X-LargeL0631EachCall
ORT-SB100-3XLLumbar Spinal Bracing System, 3X-LargeL0631EachCall
ORT-SB100-LLumbar Spinal Bracing System, LargeL0631EachCall
ORT-SB100-MLumbar Spinal Bracing System, MediumL0631EachCall
ORT-SB100-SLumbar Spinal Bracing System, SmallL0631EachCall
ORT-SB100-XLLumbar Spinal Bracing System, X-LargeL0631EachCall
ORT-SOFTKNEKnee Brace: Soft Knee Wraps EachCall
PAP-14101R1730Contour CPAP Pillow, 4" Pillow Height 4/Case$70.00
PAP-210LNasal Mask – LargeA7034 + A7035EachCall
PAP-210MNasal Mask – MediumA7034 + A7035EachCall
PAP-CAP3001-3004RemZZZs Mask Liners EachCall
PAP-CF1001Respironics SleepEasy/BiPAP Ultrafine, 7 ¾" x 5" 6/PackCall
PAP-CF1002Respironics Solo, Aria LX, REMStar LS Ultrafine, 3 ¼" x 2 ¾" 6/PackCall
PAP-CF1002FRespironics Solo, Aria LX, REMStar LX Foam, 3 5/16" x 2 5/16" 2/PackCall
PAP-CF1003Respironics REMStar Ultrafine, 5 ½" x 4 ¾" 6/PackCall
PAP-CF1003FRespironics REMStar Foam, 5 ¾" x 5 ¼" 1/PackCall
PAP-CF1004Respironics Avria, Virtuoso Duet, Quartet Ultrafine, 3 9/16" x 2 5/16" 6/PackCall
PAP-CF1004FRespironics Avria, Virtuoso Duet, Quartet Foam, 3 5/16" x 2 ¼" 2/PackCall
PAP-CF1005Respironics BiPAP Pro/+, Duet LX, Sync. Ultrafine, 4 ¾" x 2 ¼" 6/PackCall
PAP-CF1005FRespironics BiPAP Pro/+, Duet LX, Sync. Foam, 4 ¾" x 2 ?" 2/PackCall
PAP-CF1006Respironics REMStar Pro, REMStar Plus Ultrafine, 3 ½" x 1 ½" 2/PackCall
PAP-CF1006FRespironics REMStar Pro, REMStar Plus Foam, 3 ½" x 1 ½" 2/PackCall
PAP-CF1007Respironics M-Series Ultrafine, 1 ¾" x ?" 6/PackCall
PAP-CF1007FRespironics M-Series Foam, 1 ?" x ?" 2/PackCall
PAP-CF2104/-50ResMed Auto Set T Disposable, 4 ¼" x 3 ¼" 3/Pack or 50/PackCall
PAP-CF2105/-50ResMed S8 Series Disposable, 1 ?" x 1 ?" 3/Pack or 50/PackCall
PAP-CF-2105HA/-50ResMed S8 Series Hypoallergenic, 1 ?" x 1 ?" 3/Pack or 50/PackCall
PAP-CF2106/-50ResMed Adapt SV Disposable, 1 ¼" x 1 ½" 3/Pack or 50/PackCall
PAP-CF2107/-50ResMed S9 Series Disposable, 2 ¼" x 1 ?" 3/Pack or 50/PackCall
PAP-CF-2107HA/-50ResMed S9 Series Hypoallergenic, 2 ¼" x 1 ?" 3/Pack or 50/PackCall
PAP-CF4001Fisher&Paykel HC200 - HC221, 5" x ¾" 4/PackCall
PAP-CF4002Fisher&Paykel HC230 Series, HC600 Series Disposable, 2 ¾" x ?" 4/PackCall
PAP-CF4003Fisher&Paykel ICON Series Disposable, 2 ?" x ½"- ¾" 4/PackCall
PAP-CF5004DeVilbiss IntelliPAP Ultrafine, 1 11/16" x 13/16" 4/PackCall
PAP-CF5004FDeVilbiss IntelliPAP Foam, 1 ?" x 13/16" 4/PackCall
PAP-CF6001Covidien NPB GoodKnight 418 Ultrafine, 2 ¼" x 1 ?" 4/PackCall
PAP-CF6002Covidien NPB GoodKnight 418 A/G/P/S Ultrafine, 5 1/4" x 3/4" 4/PackCall
PAP-CF6003Covidien NPB GoodKnight 420/425 Ultrafine, 1 3/4" x 3/4" 2/PackCall
PAP-CF6003FCovidien NPB GoodKnight 420/425 Foam, 1 7/8" x 7/8" EachCall
PAP-CF6004FCovidien NPB Knightstar 320/330 Foam, 4 1/8" x 2" EachCall
PAP-CF6005Covidien NPB Goodknight 314/318 Ultrafine, 6" x 1 1/2" 2/PackCall
PAP-CF6005FCovidien NPB Goodknight 314/318 Foam, 6 1/4" x 1" 2/PackCall
PAP-CF6007Covidien NPB Sandman Ultrafine, 2 1/8" x 1 5/8" 6/PackCall
PAP-CF6007FCovidien NPB Sandman Foam, 2 1/8" x 1 5/8" 2/PackCall
PAP-CF7001Breas PV 1 Ultrafine, 2 1/2" x 1 1/4" 2/PackCall
PAP-HG001Universal Mesh Headgear EachCall
PAP-HG003Universal Headgear EachCall
PAP-HG004Universal Full Face Headgear EachCall
PAP-HG007ADAM Style Headgear EachCall
PAP-HG017Sleepweaver Headgear EachCall
PAP-HHU19018Hybernite HCPCS A4606 EachCall
PAP-HUMHC365Fisher&Paykel SleepStyle 600 series Humidifier Chamber EachCall
PAP-HUMHC385Fisher&Paykel SleepStyle 200 Series Humidifier Chamber EachCall
PAP-RES016Humidifier Tubing Adapter EachCall
PAP-SM02010CPAP Full Face Mask w/Headgear - LargeA7031EachCall
PAP-SM02011CPAP Full Face Mask w/Headgear - MediumA7031EachCall
PAP-SM02012CPAP Full Face Mask w/Headgear - SmallA7031EachCall
PAP-TUB002CPAP/ BiPAP Tubing 2 ft, Grey EachCall
PAP-TUB004CPAP/ BiPAP Tubing 4 ft, Grey EachCall
PAP-TUB006CPAP/ BiPAP Tubing 6 ft, Grey EachCall
PAP-TUB008CPAP/ BiPAP Tubing 8 ft, Grey EachCall
PAP-TUB010CPAP/ BiPAP Tubing 10 ft, Grey EachCall
PAP-WL-100Luna Wifi Module For L7000  EachCall
PC-1451M-AR/BLTacahe Mid-Wheel Drive Heavy Duty PC1451M, 450 lbs Wt LimitK0825Each$11,950.00
PC-FLAGSafety Flag for Wheelchair or Scooter Each$15.00
PC-FLAGADPAdapter for Safety Flag on Powerchair or Scooter Each$15.00
PC-MP3CM2-AR/BLPrimechair Mid-Wheel Drive PC-MP3CM2, 300 lbs Wt LimitK0823Each$5,495.00
PC-MP3CM3Prime Power chair with batteries, charger, wt. limit 300 lbsK0823Each$5,295.00
PC-P710VAR/BLTacahe Heavy Duty PC-P710V, 600 lbs Wt LimitK0827Each$11,950.00
PL4000H-RHydraulic Patient Lifter, Wt Limit 450 lbs, W/O SlingE0630Each$1,595
PL4000H-SPatient Lift, Wt Limit 400 lbsE0630Each$1,595.00
PL4200EPatient Lift, Wt Limit 400 lbsE0630Each$2995
PL-650HDHeavy Duty Patient Lift, Wt Limit 600 lbsN/AEach$4,995.00
PL-DAL400ESAElectric Stand Assist Lift, Wt Limit 400 lbsN/AEach$3,995.00
PL-DSC200PL-DSC200 Scale Each$1,295.00
PLS100MMesh Sling, M Size, Wt Limit 400 lbsE0621Each$140.00
PL-S110Mesh Full Body Sling, M Size, Wt Limit 400 lbsE0621Each$140.00
PL-S30112Sling-Solid Full Body W/O Commode Cut, MediumE0621Each$190.00
PL-S30113Sling-Solid Full Body W/O Commode Cut, LargeE0621Each$190.00
PL-S30114Sling-Mesh, Full Body, Medium w/CommodeE0621Each$190.00
PL-S30115Sling-Mesh, Full Body, Large w/CommodeE0621Each$190.00
PL-S30118Bariatric Sling, Mesh, Full Body , Wt. limit 600 lbsE0621Each$190.00
PL-S30119Sling-Mesh, Full Body w/Commode Cut , X-LargeE0621Each$190.00
PM-6025Convoluted Bed Pad, Egg crate foam, 34” x 74” x 3” Each$39.00
PM8080Low Air Loss System 9”, 80” x 35” x 9”E0277Each$2,395.00
PM8080-84Low Air Loss System 8”, 84” x 35” x 8”E0277Each$2,695.00
PM-BLOWBlower for Air Mattress Blower Each$189.00
PM-BLOW-ADPIITwo Outlet Adaptor for Air Mattress Blower Each$12.00
PMC-1056NCDM-223" Foam Cushion w/ Nylon CoverE2601Each$79.00
PMC-2222DMMolded Invalid Ring Cushion, Medium, 18" Each$22.00
PMC-285063DMSweet Spot 20" x 16" x 3" CushionE2607Each$345.00
PMC-285663DMSweet Spot 16" x 16" x 3" CushionE2607Each$345.00
PMC-285863DMSweet Spot 18" x 16" x 3" CushionE2607Each$345.00
PMC-71001Protekt Foam 3" Cushion, 16"x16"x3" w/CoverE26014/Case$125.00
PMC-71002Protekt Foam 3" Cushion, 18"x16"x3" w/CoverE26014/Case$125.00
PMC-71004Foam Cushion w/CPU & Vinyl Cover, 20"x16"x3"E26014/Case$125.00
PMC-71005Protekt Foam 3" Cushion, 22"x18"x3" w/CoverE26024/Case$145.00
PMC-74001Gel Cushion w/ Vinyl Cover,16"x16"x3" E2603Each$189.00
PMC-79001Foam Back Cushion, 16"x17"E2611Each$325.00
PMC-79002 Foam Back Cushion, 18"x17"E2611Each$325.00
PMC-79003Foam Back Cushion, 20"x19"E2611Each$325.00
PMC-79004Foam Back Cushion, 22"x19"E2612Each$395.00
PMC-79005Foam Back Cushion, 24" x 19"E2612Each$450.00
PMC-79006Foam Back Cushion, 26" x 19"E2612Each$450.00
PMC-8030Back Cushion, 16” W x 16” LE2611Each$325.00
PMC-8032Back Cushion, 20” W x 19” LE2611Each$325.00
PMC-8033Back Cushion, 22” W x 19” LE2612Each$395.00
PMC-80460Gel Wheelchair Seat Cushion, 14” x 14” x 3”E26034/ Case$189.00
PMC-80461Gel Wheelchair Seat Cushion, 16” x 16” x 3”E26034/ Case$189.00
PMC-80462Gel Wheelchair Seat Cushion, 14” x 14” x 3”E26034/ Case$189.00
PMC-80463Gel Wheelchair Seat Cushion, 20” x 16” x 3”E26034/ Case$199.00
PMC-80464Gel Wheelchair Seat Cushion, 20” x 18” x 3”E26034/ Case$199.00
PMC-80465Gel Wheelchair Seat Cushion, 22” x 18” x 3”E26044/ Case$239.00
PMC-80466Gel Wheelchair Seat Cushion, 22” x 20” x 3”E26044/ Case$249.00
PMC-80467Gel Wheelchair Seat Cushion, 24” x 18” x 3”E26044/ Case$249.00
PMC-80468Gel Wheelchair Seat Cushion, 24” x 20” x 3"E26044/ Case$259.00
PMC-80469Gel Wheelchair Seat Cushion, 26” x 18” x 3”E26044/ Case$259.00
PMC-80470Gel Wheelchair Seat Cushion, 28” x 20” x 3”E26044/ Case$269.00
PMC-80471Gel Wheelchair Seat Cushion, 30” x 20” x 3”E26044/ Case$315.00
PMC-8047-16Air Cushion, 16” x 16” x 4”E2622Each$375.00
PMC-8047-18Air Cushion, 18” x 16” x 4”E2622Each$375.00
PMC-8047-20Air Cushion, 20” x 18” x 4”E2622Each$375.00
PMC-8047-22Air Cushion, 22” x 18” x 4”E2623Each$425.00
PMC-8080General Use Foam Wheelchair Seat Cushion, 24” x 18” x 3”E26024/Case$145.00
PMC-8081General Use Foam Wheelchair Seat Cushion, 26” x 18” x 3”E26024/Case$195.00
PMC-8082General Use Foam Wheelchair Seat Cushion, 26” x 20” x 4”E26024/Case$299.00
PMC-8133Wedge Cushion, 16” x 16” x 3” to 1” Each$145.00
PMC-8134Wedge Cushion, 18” x 16” x 3” to 1” Each$165.00
PMC-8135Wedge Cushion, 20” x 16” x 3” to 1” Each$195.00
PMC-8136Wedge Cushion, 22” x 18” x 4” to 1” Each$235.00
PMC-8160-PPommel, 16” x 16” x 3” to 1” Each$175.00
PMC-8161-PPommel, 18” x 16” x 3” to 1” Each$195.00
PMC-8162-PPommel, 20” x 16” x 3” to 1” Each$235.00
PMC-90011Gel/Memory foam Geri chair overlay Each$299.00
PMC-FPT10HP1Multi-Purpose Cushion, 16” x 16” x 3”E26071/ Case$345.00
PMC-FPT10HP3Multi-Purpose Cushion, 20” x 18” x 3”E26071/ Case$365.00
PMC-KABRINGContour Kabooti, 17.3” x 2.8” x 13.7” 6/CaseCall
PMC-SEDEN500-18Battery Powered Alternating Seat Cushion Each$545.00
PMC-WC-CALFPADWheelchair Calf Pad w/Straps Each$80.00
PM-NEOPRO-42Bariatric Air Mattress System, 80” x 41” x 10”E0277Each$4,295.00
PM-NEOPRO-48Bariatric Air Mattress System, 80” x 47” x 10”E0277Each$4,995.00
PM-QS1010CAir Cushion, 18” x 18” x 4”E2624Each$454.00
PM-QS1010LPCAir Cushion, 18” x 18” x 2”E2624Each$454.00
PM-QS109CAir Cushion, 18” x 16” x 4”E2624Each$454.00
PM-QS109LPCAir Cushion, 18” x 16” x 2”E2624Each$454.00
PM-QS1110CAir Cushion, 20” x 18” x 4”E2624Each$454.00
PM-QS1110LPCAir Cushion, 20” x 18” x 2”E2624Each$454.00
PM-QS119CAir Cushion, 20” x 16” x 4”E2624Each$454.00
PM-QS119LPCAir Cushion, 20” x 16” x 2”E2624Each$454.00
PM-QS1210CAir Cushion ,22” x 18” x 4”E2625Each$504.00
PM-QS1210LPCAir Cushion, 22” x 18” x 2”E2625Each$504.00
PM-QS66CAir Cushion, 12” x 12” x 4”E2624Each$454.00
PM-QS66LPCAir Cushion, 12” x 12” x 2”E2624Each$454.00
PM-QS67CAir Cushion, 12” x 13” x 4”E2624Each$454.00
PM-QS67LPCAir Cushion, 12” x 13” x 2”E2624Each$454.00
PM-QS76CAir Cushion, 13” x 12” x 4”E2624Each$454.00
PM-QS76LPCAir Cushion, 13” x 12” x 2”E2624Each$454.00
PM-QS77CAir Cushion, 13” x 13” x 4”E2624Each$454.00
PM-QS77LPCAir Cushion, 13” x 13” x 2”E2624Each$454.00
PM-QS87CAir Cushion, 14” x 13” x 4”E2624Each$454.00
PM-QS87LPCAir Cushion, 14” x 13” x 2”E2624Each$454.00
PM-QS88CAir Cushion, 14” x 14” x 4”E2624Each$454.00
PM-QS88LPCAir Cushion, 14” x 14” x 2”E2624Each$454.00
PM-QS98CAir Cushion, 16” x 14” x 4”E2624Each$454.00
PM-QS98LPCAir Cushion, 16” x 14” x 2”E2624Each$454.00
PM-QS99CAir Cushion, 16” x 16” x 4”E2624Each$454.00
PM-QS99LPCAir Cushion, 16” x 16” x 2”E2624Each$454.00
PMR-MATTSYSCROHO® Dry Floatation Mattress Overlay, 4 zoned 20”x34”E0371Each$10,125.00
PM-RR3680Fall preventing cover with rail Each$299
PMR-SASTADSYSTrue Low Air Loss System - SelectAir®, 78” x 35”E0277Each$6,100.00
PMR-SOFFLEX2ROHO® Sofflex 2 Mattress Overlay System, 36” x 81.75” x 3.5"E0371EachCall
PM-XCELL1000XCell Air Mattress 1000, 92” x 34” x 2 1/2”E0181Each$135.00
PM-XCELL2000XCell Air Mattress 2000E0181Each$145.00
PM-XCELL5000VLow Air Loss System 5”E0372Each$1,395.00
PM-XCELL8000PAlternating Mattress Replacement SystemE0277Each$1,995.00
PR-3003 Panel Privacy Screen EachCall
PR-4004 Panel Privacy Screen EachCall
PR-DIM9500ViewSine M9500 Patient Monitor EachCall
PR-F100-2Foot Stool 2/Case$59.00
PR-F110-2Foot Stool with Handle 2/Case$69.00
PT-TP1324Large Back Pad (13”x24”) EachCall
PT-TPDBL-LGLarge Double Therapy Boot  Call
PT-TPDBL-SMStandard Double Therapy Boot  Call
PT-TPKNKnee Therapy Pad EachCall
PT-TPMITTTherapy Mitt EachCall
PT-TPSNG-LGLarge Single Therapy Boot EachCall
PT-TPSNG-SMStandard Single Therapy Boot EachCall
PT-TPUUniversal Therapy Pad EachCall
PT-VJWVersatile Joint Wrap EachCall
PVC-1223PVC Shower Commode Chair, 22” Wide seat chair EachCall
PVC-COM1183PVC Knock Down Shower Commode Chair, Standard 18” EachCall
PVC-REC193PVC Reclining Shower Chair EachCall
R-18040UPediatric Regulator (Fractional) Each$269.00
R-306DS-AiGO® 3 Liter Portable Oxygen SystemE1390, E1392Each$3,950.00
R-3703Oxygen Regulator 0-3 L/Min Each$89.00
R-3708Oxygen Regulator 0-8 L/Min Each$89.00
R-3715Oxygen Regulator 0-15 L/Min Each$89.00
R-4147Adult Dual Port Cannula with 7’ Supply Tube 25/CaseCall
R-50012Heavy duty, 50 PSI CompressorE0565Each$695.00
R-6001Tubing Connector, Barbed 100/CaseCall
R-6003Christmas Tree Connector - Non-Swivel 50/PackCall
R-6004Cylinder Wrench without Chain 25/CaseCall
R-605Portable AspiratorE0600Each$495.00
R-AG1642O2 Enrichment CPAP Tubing Connector 5/PackCall
R-AG2000799-25Humidifier Adapter for IVC. Concentrator 25/PackCall
R-AG407154O2 Flow Meter 0 -8 LPM EachCall
R-AG86065Washer with Rubber Ring — Brass 50/PackCall
R-AG-CP7041Swivel CPAP Connector EachCall
R-AG-LL201Extended Life Bacteria Filter Nonthreaded EachCall
R-AG-SH749Oxygen Tubing Y-Connector 5/PackCall
R-AG-SH75Christmas Tree Connector — Swivel 10/PackCall
RAMP-SE003Wheelchair Ramp, Suitcase 3' Long, Single, Wt Limit 600 lbs EachCall
RAMP-SE004Wheelchair Ramp, Suitcase 4' Long, Single, Wt Limit 600 lbs EachCall
RAMP-SE005Wheelchair Ramp, Suitcase 5' Long, Single, Wt Limit 600 lbs EachCall
RAMP-SE006Wheelchair Ramp, Suitcase 6' Long, Single, Wt Limit 600 lbs EachCall
RAMP-THRESH11" Threshold Wheelchair Ramp EachCall
RAMP-THRESH1.51.5" Threshold Wheelchair Ramp EachCall
RAMP-THRESH22" Threshold Wheelchair Ramp EachCall
RAMP-THRESH33" Wheelchair Ramp EachCall
RAMP-THRESH44" Wheelchair Ramp EachCall
RAMP-THRESH55" Wheelchair Ramp EachCall
RAMP-THRESH66" Wheelchair Ramp EachCall
RAMP-TRIFOLD1010' Trifold Wheelchair Ramp EachCall
RAMP-TRIFOLD88' Trifold Wheelchair Ramp EachCall
R-BF1001EverFlo Intake Filter EachCall
R-BF1438Final Bacteria Filter 1/4" to 3/8" Barbed 10/PackCall
R-BF316Final Bacteria Filter 3/16" Barbed 10/PackCall
R-BF5001Inline HEPA Filter EachCall
R-BF5002Inline HEPA Filter EachCall
R-BF516-4Final Bacteria Filter 5/16" Barbed 4/PackCall
R-BF516TSFinal Bacteria Filter 5/16" Barbed and Threaded 10/PackCall
R-BFH66" HEPA Capsule Threaded EachCall
R-CART-2Portable Oxygen Cart Each$45.00
R-CYL-M6B Oxygen Cylinder, Post Valve, 164 Liters Each$75.00
R-CYL-M9C Oxygen Cylinder, Post Valve, 248 Liters Each$89.00
R-CYL-MEE Oxygen Cylinder, Post Valve, 680 Liters Each$135.00
R-DOC5100AlpsO2 5L Oxygen ConcentratorE1390EachCall
R-E12-RACK12 Rack for E Cylinder EachCall
R-E6-RACK6 Rack for E Cylinder EachCall
R-IN6505-L-BLUEOxygen Conserving Devices- SingleE1399Each$395.00
R-M10-1/ R-M20-1Adult Spacer Mask (M L) EachCall
R-MD300C1C-PCHFinger Pulse Oximeter Pouch Each$15.00
R-MD300C2AFinger Pulse Oximeter Each$295.00
R-MP1080CPAP Handheld Pressure Meter EachCall
RNE3651-FILTNebulizer Filter, Round Felt EachCall
RNE3652-FILTNebulizer Filter, Round Foam EachCall
RNE3655D-602Nebulizer Filter 25/PackCall
RNE3656-SIERRASierra Mini Neb-Compressor & Neb Kit E0570Each139
RNE5650D-601Nebulizer Filter 25/PackCall
RNE-BR300-1Rigid Spacer EachCall
RNEC21V-FILT-5Nebulizer Filter for Omron C-21 5/PackCall
RNE-SSBF015Nebulizer Plastic Intake Filter 10/PackCall
RNE-SSBF016Nebulizer Plastic Intake Filter with Head 10/PackCall
RNE-SSBF019Nebulizer Foam Filter 10/PackCall
RNE-SSBF021Nebulizer Foam Filter 10/PackCall
R-O2BAGM6Shoulder Bag for E, M6 Cylinders Each$59.00
R-O2BAGME+9Wheelchair Cylinder Carrying Bag for M9, E Cylinders Each$69.00
R-R221-P11Ultramax O2 Analyzer EachCall
R-SSBF2222Intake Bacteria Filter 5/PackCall
R-SSOF1001Respironics Millenium Foam, 8" x 5"x 3/8" 10/PackCall
R-SSOF1002Respironics Millenium Felt 6/PackCall
R-SSOF1005Respironics EverGo Foam, 3" x 2"x 3/8" 10/PackCall
R-SSOF3001Healthdyne BX5000 Foam, 6" x 5 ½" x 3/8" 10/PackCall
R-SSOF3002Healthdyne Alliance Foam, 8 ¼" x 3 ¾" 10/PackCall
R-SSOF3003Intake Filter for use with BF2222 Foam 10/PackCall
R-SSOF5001DeVilbiss MC Foam, 6 1/8;" x 3 1/2" x 1/4" 10/PackCall
R-SSOF5004DeVilbiss Solaris III, 303DS Foam, 3 ¾" x 3 ¾" x 1/2" 10/PackCall
R-SSOF5005DeVilbiss Solaris V, 505/515 DS Foam, 5 5/8" x 3 5/8" x 1/2" 10/PackCall
R-SSOF6001Covidien NPB 590 & 592A Foam, 6 ¾" x 4 ½" 10/PackCall
R-SSOF6002Covidien NPB 492 & 492A Foam, 6" x 5 ½"  Call
R-SSOF8001Airsep Forlife & Newlife series Round Felt 10/PackCall
R-SSOF8002Airsep Newlife, Newlife Elite Foam, 5 ½" x 4 ½" x 1/2" 10/PackCall
R-SSOF9001IVC. Mobilaire 3 & 5, IRC 3 & 5 Foam, 6 3/4" x 3 3/8" x 1/2" 10/PackCall
R-SSRES003Oxygen In Use Signs 50/PackCall
R-SSRES011Tubing Reducer Connector 10/PackCall
R-SSRES013Circuit Connector 22 mm OD 15 mm ID x 22 mm OD 10/PackCall
R-SSRES014Circuit Connecter 22 mm OD x 22 mm OD with Lip 10/PackCall
R-SSRES071Drainage Bag with Y-Adapter 50/CaseCall
R-SSRES2201Partial Rebreather O2 Mask Pediatric, with 7’ Safety Tubing 50/CaseCall
R-SSRES2202Non-Rebreather Mask Pediatric, with 7’ Tubing & Reservoir Bag 50/CaseCall
R-WM001414’ Tubing 50/CaseCall
R-WM002725’ Tubing 25/CaseCall
R-WM0043Tubing Connector, Barbed 50/CaseCall
R-WM005250’ Tubing 20/CaseCall
R-WM0137Adult Cannula, Micro 7’ 15/CaseCall
R-WM0177Infant Cannula - Comfort Soft with 7’ Supply Tube 50/CaseCall
R-WM0187Pediatric Cannula - Comfort Soft with 7’ Supply Tube 50/CaseCall
R-WM0194Adult Cannula, Comfort Plus 4’ 20/CaseCall
R-WM0195Adult Cannula, 25’ 25/CaseCall
R-WM0197Adult Cannula, 7’ 50/CaseCall
R-WM0198Adult Cannula, 14’ 50/CaseCall
R-WM0210Nebulizer Replacement Kit 50/CaseCall
R-WM0221Water Trap 25/CaseCall
R-WM0250Adult Aerosol Mask 50/CaseCall
R-WM0251Pediatric Aerosol Mask 50/CaseCall
R-WM0254Nebulizer Kit, Reuseable 10/CaseCall
R-WM0360Adult Tracheostomy Mask 50/CaseCall
R-WM0370Simple O2 Mask-Adult, with 7’ Safety Tubing 50/CaseCall
R-WM0371Simple O2 Mask-Pediatric, with 7’ Safety Tubing 50/CaseCall
R-WM0409Christmas Tree Connector — Non-Swivel 50/PackCall
R-WM0440Earmate, Charcoal Gray 50/PackCall
R-WM0480Bubble Humidifier 6 psi 50/CaseCall
R-WM0550Adult Cannula, High Flow with 7’ Supply Tube 25/CaseCall
R-WM0566Comfort Soft Cannula with 14’ Supply Tube 50/CaseCall
R-WM0590Oxygen Tubing Connector — Swivel 25/PackCall
R-WM0700Cylinder Wrench without Chain 50/CaseCall
R-WM0704Cylinder Wrench with Chain 50/CaseCall
R-X100Oxygen Tank Holder, Universal fitE2208Each$65.00
S19LIScooter S19, Lithium Battery & Charger  EachCall
S19SScooter S19S, Auto folding, Led light, Lithium Battery & Charger EachCall
S19VScooter S19V, Auto folding, Led light, Lithium Battery & Charger EachCall
SC-S2454SEGAEGO 4 wheel scooter with batteries, Wt. limit 300 lbsN/AEach$1,795.00
STERI-FABSteri-Fab, 1 gallon EachCall
STUM-31552Stump Support,Universal fitE1020Each$249.00
TB-300P-2Deluxe Padded Transfer BenchE02472 Sets/Case$114.00
TB-300U-PPadded Transfer Bench with Commode OpeningE0247Each$149.00
TB-5006-2Basic Transfer BenchE02472 Sets/Case$104.00
TB-5009HD-2Heavy Duty Transfer Bench, 400 lbs weight limitE02482 Sets/Case$139.00
TB-600-2Heavy Duty Transfer Bench, 500 lbs weight limitE02492 Sets/Case$175.00
TB-67311Sliding Transfer BenchE0248Each$249.00
TB-B170-C0Universal Transfer Bench 1/Case$199.00
TENS-FA2000Soft Touch Electrodes, 2” ROUND (4-PACK) 4/PackCall
TENS-FA2020Soft Touch Electrodes, 2” SQUARE (4-PACK) 4/PackCall
TENS-FA3360Soft Touch Electrodes, BUTTERFLY (1-PACK) 1/PackCall
TENS-PM2000PM 2000 Portable Ultrasound Machine EachCall
TENS-PMTLTInfrared Light Wand EachCall
TENS-U20BThe Ultima 20 TENS, Black EachCall
TENS-U3TThe Ultima 3T TENSE0730EachCall
TENS-UTC1000Medical Grade Ultrasound/TENS ComboE0730EachCall
TP700T/Pump® Professional EachCall
TP-ARS-TPUMPAqua Relief System EachCall
UP-CA2000Commode AssistE0717Set$249.99
UPP19030Disposable Protective Underpads, 30”x30”, Blue, Light Absorbency 150 Count/ PackageCall
UPP39030Disposable Protective Underpads, 30”x30”, Pink, Heavy Absorbency 100 Count/ PackageCall
UP-PS3017Uplift Seat Assist, Wt. 12 lbs, 19" x 16," Wt limit 300 lbsE0629Each$329.99
UP-UL100Uplift Seat Assist, Wt. 10 lbs, 19" x 17," Wt limit 230 lbsE0629Each$299.99
UP-UL300Uplift Seat Assist, Wt. 10 lbs, 19" x 17," Wt limit 350 lbsE0629Each$299.99
Z-31529Transfer Board, 32”x10”, 600 lbs, Universal fit Each$199.00
Z-A2101Brake Extension Tubes, Universal fitE0961Pair$59.00
Z-A2106Brake Extension Tubes, Universal fitE0961Pair$59.00
Z-A2108Brake Extension Tubes, Universal fitE0961Pair$59.00
Z-AC091096Butterfly Chest Strap, Universal fit Each$90.00
ZCF-E263-23AMulti-Pocket Backpack, Canvas Material Each$99.00
ZCF-E263-24ABackpack Bucket, 100% Cotton Canvas Material Each$99.00
ZCF-E263-25ASide Bag for Wheelchair, Faux Leather, Beige Each$79.00
ZC-SCBASKET-FFront Basket Each$89.00
ZC-SCBASKET-RRear Basket Each$79.00
ZE15-A1106PBKFull Length Arm Rest, 14" , Nylon EachCall
ZE15-A1106PBKVFull Length Arm Rest, 14", Vinyl EachCall
ZE15-A1124PBKDesk Length Arm Rest, 10", Nylon EachCall
ZE15-A1124PBKVDesk Length Arm Rest, 10", Vinyl EachCall
ZE-A1034Anti-Tipping Device fit for E-chairE0971Pair$119.00
ZE-A1034CAnti-Tipping Device fit for Clamp onE0971Pair$119.00
ZE-A1106PBKFull Length Arm Rest, 14", Vinyl EachCall
ZE-A1124PBKDesk Length Arm Rest, 10", Vinyl EachCall
ZE-SEBELT48Seat Belts, Universal fitE0978Each$59.00
ZE-SEBELT60Seat Belts, Universal fitE0978Each$69.00
ZJ-A1035Anti-Tipping Device fit for JaguarsE0971Pair$119.00
ZK-CHARG5ABattery Charger, 5 AMP, off boardE2366Each$197.00
ZK-CHARG-8ABattery Charger, 8 AMP, off board for 1450/1465E2366Each$215.00
ZK-CTLDKPMC01Dynamic Power Module only Each$1,095.00
ZK-CTLVR5-90AP&G VR2 Power Module only Each$1,995.00
ZK-P1A-CTRL-PGP&G VSI Joystick only Each$1,495.00
ZK-P3-CTL9301VP&G VSI Joystick only Each$1,495.00
ZK-P4-CTRL-PGP&G VSI Joystick only Each$1,495.00
ZM-ACC200CCane/ Crutch Holder Each$129.00
ZM-ACC6106Walker Holder Each$145.00
ZM-ACCCUPASMBCup Holder Each$34.00
ZM-CHARG1.5ABattery Charger, 1.5 AMP, off board for SC-43E2366Each$189.00
ZM-CHARG1345Battery Charger, 3 AMP, on board for SC135, S145E2366Each$195.00
ZM-CHARG6ABattery Charger, 6 AMP, off boardE2366Each$204.00
ZM-CTLDK-PMB40Dynamic Power Module only Each$845.00
ZM-CTLVR2-40AP&G VR2 Power Module only Each$895.00
ZM-CTLVR2-60AP&G VR2 Power Module only Each$945.00
ZM-CTLVSI70AP&G VSI Joystick only Each$1,495.00
ZM-DK-PMA01Dynamic Power Module only Each$995.00
ZM-DK-PMA05Dynamic Power Module only Each$995.00
ZM-JSDK-REMA02Dynamic Shark Joystick only Each$895.00
ZM-JSDK-REMD01Dynamic Shark 2 Joystick only Each$895.00
ZM-JSVR2-P347P&G VR2 Joystick only Each$895.00
ZM-P1-100XOxygen Tank Holder for ePower Each$149.00
ZM-P3-100XOxygen Tank Holder for MP3C/MP3CM/R14+/1451/P710/P720 Each$149.00
ZM-S135MIRRORRear-View Mirror for Scooter Each$29.00
ZM-SCTL1-DS112Dynamic Rhino Power Module only Each$645.00
ZM-SCTL2-DS72Dynamic Rhino Power Module only Each$595.00
ZR-ACCASMB1086Cup Holder for Jazzy and MP3C-1 Each$39.00
ZR-ACCASMB1912Walker Holder Each$165.00
ZR-ACCASMB1914Rear Basket Each$149.00
ZR-ACCASMB1972Cane/ Crutch Holder Each$199.00
Z-T10Wheelchair Tray, Universal fitE0950Each$120.00